Align RCC-6SX DC Charger/Balancer/Discharger

AGNKX850166A Align RCC-6SX DC Charger/Balancer/Discharger


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AGNKX850166A Align RCC-6SX DC Charger/Balancer/Discharger

This is the Align RCC-6SX Intelligent multifunctional Charger/Discharger and RCE-6BA Li-Po Balancer combo. The RCC-6SX Intelligent multifunctional Charger/Discharger can be used on Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, Li-Ion, and Li-Poly batteries. This charger features a special aluminum alloy anodic treatment on the outer case for good heat dissipation and great quality. Automatic Ni-Cd/Ni-MH battery discharge/ charge cycle for battery activation. When used with the RCE-6BA Li-Po Balancer it protects the batteries during charging, and extends the battery life, to improve the performance of battery and increase the power.

The RCE-6BA Li-Po Balancer has separate balancing and charging ports eliminating charging amperage limit due to balancing wires of gauge. It is a dual mode balancer, meaning it can be used as stand alone balancer, or concurrently with a separate charger. Automatically balances 2~6 cells li-poly packs with a balancing voltage resolution accurate to }0.005V. Individual cells balancing status displayed through LEDs. Overcharging prevention circuitry with cutoff set at 4.26V/cell for additional safety, minimizing potential damages to the cells and low voltage cutoff set at 3.3V/cell to prevent over discharging of cells.

RCC-6SX Intelligent multifunctional Charger/Discharger Specifications:
Input voltage: DC 11 ~ 15V
Charge output rate: Max 5A/125W
Discharge rate: Max 1A/5W
Li-Ion/Polymer: 1 ~ 6cell(Auto Voltage Detection/Manual)
Ni-MH: 1 ~ 18 cells
Charge current: > 0.1A ~ 5.0A(0.1A Step)
Discharge current: 0.1A ~ 1.0A(0.1A Step)
Discharge->Charge: 1 ~ 5 cycles
Charge->Discharge: 1 ~ 5 cycles
Safety timer: on/off, 1-900 minutes
Key beep/Buzzer alarms: on/off
12V Pb battery low voltage cut off: 11 - 15V(0.1V Step)
Display: LCD 16 character x2 line (Backlight)
Li-Ion/Polymer voltage type: Li-lon 3.6V / Li-Poly3.7V
Size: 150x142x33mm
Weight: 580g

RCE-6BA Li-Po Balancer:
Lithium polymer cell count: 2 ~ 6 cells in series configuration
Balancing activation voltage: Automatic: >0.03V imbalance / Manual: >0.01V imbalance
Discharge current during balancing: 350mA
Imbalance control voltage: +/-0.005V
Maximum cell voltage cut off: 4.26V
Low voltage cut off: 3.3V
Balancing voltage resolution: +/-0.005V
Size: 83x45x19mm
Weight: 120g

NOTE: Do not leave the charger is operating unattended as it may cause a fire.

Technical Specifications No
Oversized Item No
Manufacturer ALIGN
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